G String Show

Just the right amount of naughty...but mostly nice. A gorgeous model of your choosing will perform a 15 minute strip down to her G string. Suitable for mixed or more conservative crowds.

Single R Rated Shows

A bit more risque. A flawless model of your choice will perform a 15 minute full nude strip!

Fat O Gram

Plus size fun for all! A 15 or 25 minute performance that is sure to make your buck smile and please the crowd. Also available in R Rated ($400) and X Rated ($500)

XXX Rated Show

A gorgeous model bares it all and then shows you how she uses her favorite toys, too! 20/25 mins of scandalous fun.

XXX Rated Ultimate (Best Seller!)

The ultimate in bucks party entertainment and one of our most popular shows. 45 mins of eye popping maneuvers. Pearls, dildos vibes and all the XXX action you could hope to see in real life. The lucky buck gets special attention!

Fruit & Veg Extreme Deluxe Plus

For all you vegan's and vego's this is your show! Vibes, Cucumbers, Carrots and don't forget the forbidden fruits. (40 mins of madness) Sarah Ashley is the only NSW agent providing this show

Strawberries and Cream R Rated or X Rated

Save some room for dessert. Of course it can be sweet, but we can also serve it up naughty if you prefer! Enjoy a full nude strip tease (15 mins). Then it’s time to play with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Yummy.

Bath Show R Rated or X Rated

It’s time to get wet and wild! Our models want to show you how they clean up after getting very dirty! A warm, soapy bath is just the thing. Bath time’s even more fun with a friend! Add another model ($900 for 30 mins) or make it a 1 hr event for $1,100.


Double R Rated Show

Want to make it a night to remember but not go too far over the top? Why not invite a duo of lovely girls to perform a full nude strip for your event?

XXX Rated Double Lesbian Show

XXX Rated Double Lesbian Show You’ll be pinching yourself to see if you’re dreaming. Two of our sexiest girls perform a full nude strip together. Then 4 different size vibrators come out to play for some girl on girl fun. Be prepared for group participation!! (30 Min) Add Fruit and veg $150 extra

XXX Spot Spot Double Lesbian Show

Why not have it all? First enjoy 2 individual erotic performances (15 mins each) by our stunning models. Then follow it up with a XXX Rated 20 minute show with the girls favorite toys! Four different vibes, and of course, the double ender comes out to play… Add Fruit and veg $150 extra

Vibe Vibe Double Vibe XXX Ultimate Lesbian Extravaganza

Does it get any better? Wild is a understatement! First, select your favorite girls to provide a full nude, XXX Rated toy show each for 20 mins. Follow it up with a Girl on Girl toy show that will leave the crowd breathless. Strap ons, double enders...this raunchy show is not one to wonder it’s our most popular. (60 mins) Add Fruit and veg $150 extra

3 Way XXX Lesbian Show $ 30 min or 1h

Triple the toys, triple the girls, triple the fun. This XXX Rated Triple treat is as wild as wild comes. This is our most jaw dropping act and is only for crowds that can handle the heat… Add Fruit and veg $200 extra

Male G String Show

Girls just want to have fun, and our boys deliver! Let our lads strip down and get a bit cheeky in their G Strings. (15-20 mins)

Male Full Nude Strip

Have you heard of the “Full Monty”? Well this is it! The girls jaws will drop when they see that you’ve hired the “complete package” so to speak… (20 mins)

Male Double Show

Double the fun, ladies! Our boys will perform a wild choreographed show that will have you cheering. (Up to 30 min) *Show routines and toys are subject to change depending on models.


Promo Girls

No one likes a boring event. Book our girls to spice up your day! Add a blonde stunner (or some brunettes, or both!) and boost your business with a bit of sex appeal.

Lingerie/Bikini Waitress (3hrs)

Invite our sexiest models to your poker night, bucks night or any celebration to serve up cold drinks and goodies while you relax! Choose from naughty lingerie or scandalous bikinis and treat yourself for a night you won’t soon forget.

Topless Waitress (3hrs)

Ready to top the charts? Choose from our flawless models to serve up drinks and goodies with some of their best assets in full view!

Lingerie/Topless Poker Dealers (3hrs)

You won’t be able to hold your poker face when our sexy girls get on the scene, boys! Gorgeous girls serving up drinks and dealing cards? Everybody will win!

Nude Waitress (No Minimum when accompanied by Topless!)

That’s right, serving drinks and goodies in nothing but their heels our stunning models are sure to make an impact on your bucks party or boys night!

Have it all! Go from Lingerie to Topless to Nude Waitressing (3hrs)

Take your night to the limit by starting off with our sexy girls in their lingerie for an hour followed by an hour of our lovelies topless. Finish with a stunning hour of completely nude beauties from head to toe! If there’s a better way to get your drinks and goodies, we don’t know it!

Lap Dances

A must have for any bucks party or get together! Book a special dance from your waitress and turn up the heat for your guest of honor! Choose from the following:
X 1 lap dance (duration of three songs) $70.00
X 2 lap dance (duration of three songs) $135.00
X 3 lap dances $200.00

Male Topless Waiters

$100ph based on 2h hire/$280 3h
Get the party started with our Topless Waiters to serve you hand and foot!
Male G String/ Apron Waiters
$115ph Based on 2h hire/$325 for 3h
For you ladies wanting to get extra cheeky maybe this service is for you?


Girl Crush

Girl on Girl action anyone? Two of your favorite girls will do a scandalous full nude strip tease to get the party started. (10 mins each!) Then things get a bit steamier when our hunnies show you how much they like each other in a XXX rated show complete with naughty toys! (30 mins.)
Add a bath show for $150

Good Vibrations Package

Three hours with two topless beauties serving up cold drinks and goodies? Yes please! Then change it up with 1 model taking to the stage for a X Rated 20 min performance your mates will not soon forget. Ever wonder what the girls get up to when they’re alone? You’ll soon find out which toys the girls like best.

Add Ons
Add a bath show to take it to the limits, for just an additional $150.
Upgrade your waitresses to nude for the last hour, for just an additional $120 per model. Upgrade to a 45 minute deluxe show for an extra $150.
More of a lap dance kind of guy? Choose from the following:
X 1 lap dance (duration of three songs) $70.00
X 2 lap dance (duration of three songs) $135.00
X 3 lap dances $200.00

Lesbians Gone Wild

OK boys, this is not for the faint of heart. Start the night with two of our gorgeous models serving up food and drinks. (Topless, of course! 3 hrs.) Then it’s go time with a lesbian fueled toy fest you will not soon forget. Vibes, double enders, pearls and more in this show stopping act. (30 mins.)

Extra Add Ons
Upgrade to a full hour show for an extra $200.00
Add an extra hour, topless for $130
Nude waitressing for last hour of event $120.00 per girl
Add a bath show for $150.00
Add a single X rated show $350.00.
More of a lap dance kind of guy? Choose from the following:
X 1 lap dance (duration of three songs) $70.00
X 2 lap dances $135.00
X 3 lap dances $200.00.

The Black Hunny WorXXX (Most Popular!)

This is for when you need to pull out all the stops, boys! Relax for 4 hrs with 3 sexy waitresses serving up food and drinks...topless. Then turn up the heat with a 20 minute full nude strip tease from two of our flawless models. Top the evening with a debauched 30 minutes of XXX girl on girl frenzy including pearls, double enders and vibes.

Extra Add Ons
Upgrade to a full hour Vibe Vibe Double Vibe Show for an extra $250.00. Add an extra hour, topless for $130
Nude waitressing for last hour of event $120.00 per girl
Add a bath show for $150.00
Add a single X rated show $350.00.
More of a lap dance kind of guy? Choose from the following:
X 1 lap dance (duration of three songs) $70.00
X 2 lap dances $135.00
X 3 lap dances $200.00.

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